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This project is not limited to providing the poets from different countries with a hideaway for a fruitful creative work. We suppose to suppose first and foremost any kind of dialogue and collaboration, be it between our guests or between one of them and local Russian and Latvian authors or in some other way. This common work might be, for instance, a (mutual) translation, co-writing or co-editing the book, producing some essays about each other etc.

We intend to publish a good deal of texts created at ours. This is a non-profit publishing with limited editions and no fee for the authors; however, these books are meant to reach mostly the international literary community as far as we are focused on building bridges and establishing connections.

We are situated in Ozolnieki, a village located in 40 minutes commute from Riga, the present capital of Latvian Republic, and in 10 minutes commute from Jelgava, the erstwhile capital of The Duchy of Courland. Riga can be reached by local train or minibus, the village is also served with Jelgava city buses. In the village itself you can find a restaurant, a bar, a beauty shop, there is the lake with a beach and the forest in 5 minutes by feet.

Our house is composed of two cozy apartments with separate entrances named after two great poets, the Russian Ossip Mandelstam and the Latvian Aleksandrs Čaks. Internet access, fridge and shower, bookshelves with a small selection of books in many languages, windows to the garden and romantic chillout at the entresol will help you in getting inspired.

Opening: June 2016.

We tend to accept applications with well defined projects but can also elaborate the project together with a candidate if we are interested.

We invite our guests to stay for two or three weeks though other timespans might be considered. We offer the living space and working conditions as well as possible consulting, we also provide visa support if needed. Up to the moment we are not able to cover transportation and alimentation costs.

Daria Sukhovey


Daria Sukhovey is a poet, literary promoter and scholar from Russia. She was born in 1977 in Leningrad and graduated from the Saint-Petersburg University, then got her PhD with the thesis on the visual aspects of contemporary Russian poetry. She has published three poetry collections and many critical reviews, regularly contributes to the book chronicle of “Vozdukh” poetry magazine. Since 199 she runs “Saint-Petersburg literary guide”, online timetable of literary events in the city. Since 2001 she curated about 15 poetry festivals in different Russian cities.

In our residence Daria Sukhovey in December 2016 finished her work on the translation of Yukhim Yuzevir's collected poems from Ukrainian.

Aleksandra Samarina


Aleksandra Samarina is a translator and poet from Russia. She was born in 1994 in Moscow and graduated from the translation department of Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. In 2012 she participated in the International Writing Program “Between the Lines” of Iowa University. In 2014 she finished second in the poetry competition of the Institute of Journalism and Creative Writing in Moscow.

In 2016 Aleksandra Samarina has submitted her translation of Don Delillo's Midnight in Dostoevsky for Nora Gal Award for translating short prose from English into Russian; this work won the special award for a young translator co-sponsored with Literature Without Borders. In our residence Aleksandra Samarina in August 2016 was improving her Delillo's translation.

Anuar Duisenbinov


Anuar Duisenbinov is a poet and translator from Kazakhstan. He was born in 1985 in Andreevka (now Kabanbay), grown up in Taldykorgan and graduated from the economic department of the Lev Gumilyov Eurasian National University in Astana as well as from the Open Literary School in Almaty. He has participated in the poetry festivals in Kazakhstan and Latvia, organized a series of mixed musical and literary events in Astana and has his poetry (written in Russian) published through important Russian web magazines TextOnly and Polutona. He has also translated into Kazakh language some poems of Latvian, Polish, Croatian authors.

In our residence Anuar Duisenbinov in June 2016 worked on the anthology of present-day Russian poetry in Kazakh translation.

Kazakh language is almost not represented in the realm of contemporary poetry either by original authors or by translations. I had not had a leg to stand on and missed the pillar of tradition. I stepped in timidly but felt it as a challenge. I heard my native speech as if from the outside, and it happened to sound with a new unprecedented voice. I have realized that I shall continue.