Nora Gal Prize

Nora Gal Prize is awarded since 2012 for the best translation of short prose of XX-XXI centuries from English into Russian. It is established as a memorial tribute to the outstanding Russian translator Nora Gal (1912—1991). Since 2016 Nora Gal Prize includes a special incentive award for a young translator: the grant for travel and stay in the residence of Literature Without Borders project.


The website dedicated to cultural issues and time spirit, is one of the main and last hubs for free thinking in Russia and the first Russian media supported with crowdfunding. regularly observes the most vivid news from the realm of actual poetry.


“Vozdukh” (Air), the poetry magazine, started in Moscow in 2006. It declares among its main goals overcoming isolated position of Russian poetry within worldwide context, thus translated poems are published in “Vozdukh” along with original Russian poetry. The magazine is ready to offer its pages for the guests of our residence, and the books published with Literature Without Borders are going to be reviewed in “Vozdukh.”